Is Your Email Inbox Growing & Overflowing?

a workshop for therapists, coaches. & business owners who need a

foolproof system to manage their emails!

Tired of having an overflowing inbox &

losing important emails?

  • You're worried about missing (another) important email from a client
  • You're ashamed that your inbox of 1,500... (or maybe 15,000) unread emails keep growing exponentially (like the interest on your credit card or student loans)
  • You're So. Over. Panicking when you can't find that important tax document
  • You're embarrassed about receiving (not so gentle) feedback for taking forever to respond to emails
  • You're tired of doing mass-deletes, only to realize two days later you deleted something so SO important
  • You're ashamed that you have to keep asking your [colleage/ boss/ spouse] for the same thing over and over because it's lost in your email (again)

You're anxious by the constant low-level stress of knowing your inbox is looming there, waiting to be organized, but you have NO. IDEA. HOW!

Control Your Growing & Overflowing Inbox Workshop will help you quickly & easily:

💌 Customize a matrix to sort your emails based on urgency and importance

💌 Create a foolproof system to manage your inbox using Liz's simple 5-Step process

💌 Stay on top of your inbox (way after the workshop ends)

All of this with special

hacks & strategies for:

  • Therapists
  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs

Lynn Louis Wonders


“Liz is so kind, patient, creative and super skilled when it comes to efficiency and organization!"

I contacted Liz for help with my email account where I was drowning in unread emails. Liz spotted the problem with my existing system right away and helped me on-the-spot to create a simplified system to keep all my emails organized. She walked me through a very simple process, step by step and now my unread email count is dramatically reduced. Liz is so kind, patient, creative and super skilled when it comes to efficiency and organization!

this is what you can expect to learn

(and accomplish!) at the workshop:

  • Learn Liz's 5-step system to shrink your inbox exponentially!
  • Develop a system to assess & manage urgent vs. important emails
  • Create folders & reminders for time-sensitive emails so you don't forget to come back to them later
  • Shortcuts to delete and unsubscribe to emails that are clogging up your inbox
  • ... Plus, you will limit how much email you receive on a daily basis, schedule uninterrupted time to go through your email, and create & organize your inbox folders

Are you ready to manage your inbox without wasting

any more time?

"With 3 accounts and over 1400 unsorted messages between those accounts, I was overwhelmed."

Liz patiently worked through her training points and generously helped me start the organization process. After our session, I went through each account, and ALL emails belong in their own folders! Thanks Liz, for helping me learn what to do with my emails and sparking my motivation to complete the task!!!"

~ Lindsay Bourdreau, LCSW


this is what you can expect to

Receive during the workshop

  • A 1-Hour Recorded Workshop (includes Liz's 5-step process to manage your inbox)
  • Recording to Keep Forever in a Membership Area
  • Email Matrix Workbook
  • BONUS: Detailed checklist to make sure you don't miss a step
  • BONUS: 10 pre-written (customizable) email templates to send to clients & colleagues
  • BONUS: Editable list of Liz's email & dropbox folders to save you time creating your folders!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I'm not a therapist or coach?

Even if you're not in the field, you are still welcome to attend! Most of the content can be applied to anyone who has a hard time managing their overflowing inbox. If you're unsure whether to sign up, please email Liz!

Will I get my inbox to zero?

At the end of our hour together, you will significantly reduce the # of emails in your inbox. While I can't guarantee that your number will be "zero," I can guarantee that you will have an effective system set up to reduce your emails. It's up to you to maintain the system after the workshop!

Why should I spend time on another workshop?

Trust me- I have a whole collection of courses I've bought that I still plan to do *someday*. I purposely made this workshop only 1 hour- based on a poll in Organize and Thrive - because I know how busy you are. This will give you quick results, quick wins, and TONS of free BONUS content that you won't find anywhere else!

What email system(s) will you be using?

I will be showing examples using gmail and Hushmail during the workshop; however, many of the strategies can be applied to other email systems, as well.

you're invited to attend the

Managing Your

Email Workshop



1 HOUR recorded WORKSHOP


Email matrix WORKBOOK




BONUS: 10 customizable email templates


BONUS: EMAIL FOLDERS + subfolder list





Total Value = $300

Regular Price = $50

Today’s Price = $25


1 HOUR recorded WORKSHOP $150

Email matrix WORKBOOK $50


BONUS: 10 customizable email templates $25

BONUS: editable list of email folders + subfolders $25

VALUED AT = $300

Total Value = $300

Regular Price = $50

Today’s Price = $25

Arianna Smith


"Liz is the organizational QUEEN. You can’t help but better your practice–and your life–with her intuitive knowledge of organization, systems, and human behavior. She’s an authentic and generous organizational bad-ass that’s ready to turn your life from HOT MESS to HOT SHIT!"


Not sure if this workshop is for you?

Please Reach Out!

Email Liz at with any questions!